Friday, 12 June 2015

Getting Started with Rudaí 23

The start date for our course almost here and we're getting excited. If you are interested in doing the course there are a few simple steps you need to take. 

First : Subscribe to this blog. On our home page you will see an option to enter your email address to subscribe. This means that you will receive  our blog posts directly to your email inbox. 

Second: Set up a blog. The first Thing will cover how to do this and advise you about which blogging platform might suit you best. If you already have a blog you can use it for your course, or if you're keen to get started you can have a go at setting it up before-hand.  

Third: Register your details with us. We will provide a registration form on this website for participants to fill in. There is no need to fill this in until you have  your blog set up because we need your blog URL as part of the registration. 

How the Course Works
Each module or 'Thing' will be taught through this blog via a blog post. The module will consist of a brief introduction to the topic, with information about some online tools. You will learn how to access and use these tools as well as read about some examples of them being used in a library setting. 

You will then be set a task at the end of each module which you must carry out and then write a blog post about. To read the post, carry out the task and write your own thoughts on the task should take about an hour. How much you decide to write is up to you. You can write about more than one thing in a blog post if you like. 

In order for you to receive your completion certificate you must blog about all the things so that we have a record of your participation. The last thing is in October but you have until the 30th of November to complete all the things. 

Some useful tips
Take a look at our FAQ page and Helpful Hints page for more information. 

We have a google calendar set up called Rudai 23 which you can either view on this blog or subscribe to. If you have a google account you can add this calendar and recieve notifications for the dates of the things. We will provide clearer instructions about this in the coming days.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments below this post. We have a team at the ready to answer any questions. 


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