Thursday, 2 July 2015

Some Things Before We Get Started.

There's only a few days to go before our course begins and we are all itching to get started on here at Rudaí 23 Central HQ.

We have a few handy tips for you that may help with time management and getting through the course without it impacting on your life too much.

Blogging for Breakfast Anyone?
All of the blog posts will be published at 1am GMT. Hopefully, wherever you are in the world, this will mean that the current Thing will be waiting for you when you wake up.

We also have a Google calendar of the schedule of the course. This is publicly available if you want to search for it in Google calendar. It's called Rudai 23. You can also view it at the bottom of this page, or you can input the calendar into your own calendar.

Here is a link to the calendar in ical format.

Copy and paste this link into whatever calendar product you use. Here are some simple instructions for adding it to your Google calendar. 

 Work Offline
Once you have your blog set up you can easily submit your blog posts by email.

Here are some simple instructions on how to post by email using blogger. Obviously this only works if you chose to use Blogger as your blogging platform. 

Here are similar instructions if you chose to use Wordpress as your blogging platform.

Please feel free to comment on this or any of our blog posts if you have questions or thoughts about the course.

Looking forward to meeting all of you online next week! 


  1. now I came to know about blogging in deep. It is very intersting

    1. Thank you Christofhar, there's lots to come yet.


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