Sunday, 12 July 2015

Thank You!

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It's been an education

We've been enjoying so much reading the first few posts about why or how people arrived at the information profession as a career choice. Everyone has taken such varied paths. Some interesting questions have popped up that we might pose for discussion on one of our network forums or as part of a twitter chat.

Thank you to everyone that has signed up and contributed blog posts so far. We are learning too. 

We will try our best to comment on as many posts as possible as you progress through the course. There's nothing worse than the feeling that nobody is listening.

We've uploaded all the blogs that have registerd  for the course so far onto our Delicious feed and on the sidebar on this blog. Is your blog there? Check to be sure. Hopefully we haven't missed anyone, leave a comment on this blog post or email us if we have.

Good News

We also have a new element to the course- based on feedback that we've received, we are now offering the facility to apply for an extension to the completion date if you have other commitments. Spread the word amongst your colleagues.

Keep Blogging!

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