Thursday, 23 July 2015

Thing 6: Reflective Practice

You have probably noticed that we have a few modules on the course called Reflective Practice.

We have included these modules in the course as an opportunity for you to catch up if you're falling behind and also take stock of how you are progressing in the course. Reflective blogging is an important element to this course.

In Thing 2 we asked you to ask yourself some questions and reflect on how you came to the point in your career that you are at today.  How did you feel after you wrote your answers? Justified in your career path, empowered by the work that you do, or questioning where to go next perhaps?

We believe this is a very effective way to learn and also to identify areas for discussion and further exploration. I personally will be looking forward to the reflective blog posts as an opportunity to see what everyone else is thinking.

Here is an article from one of my favourite bloggers The Daring Librarian on Reflective Blogging 

You will still have tasks to complete in these modules but hopefully you wont find them as time consuming as the other modules' tasks. 

Today's task is to:

  • Look at the other participant's blogs
  • Leave a comment on a few blog posts 
  • If someone comments on your blog reply to it. 
  • Write a blog post about what you thought of the other participant's blogs - did you find yourself identifying with the other bloggers or surprised by what they had to say? 
You can find a list of the blogs to the left of this page. Or you can visit our Delicious page for a full list of the blogs also.

Good Luck!


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