Monday, 17 August 2015

Save the Date! Rudai 23 Google Hangout and Twitter Chat

Coming Up: A Rudai 23 Google Hangout

A few weeks ago we attempted a very impromptu Google Hangout with some of the Rudai 23 participants. We had just covered Thing 4 Google so it was a good way to break the ice with Google Hangouts, just to give it a go and see what it was all about.

There were 7 of us in the hangout and it only lasted about 20 minutes. We did a bit of talking over each other and there were a few awkward silences in between, some of us were on mobile phones, some of us had a not so great internet connection and there was  a lot of feedback from everyone's speakers.  I'm not selling it very well.

Despite the glitches, the experience itself was really good. It was great to speak in person to a few of you from our new community and it sparked a lot of interest in trying a proper one with a bit of structure and planning involved. 

Mark Your Diaries

We're pleased to say that we will host a Rudai23 Google Hangout on Sunday the 23rd of August from 8.30 to 9.30 pm  and we would like to invite you to join us. 

Because this is our first time to try something like this we are going to keep it simple.

The topic will be the Rudai 23 course in general - how are things going, what parts are you finding difficult etc. We will have two Rudai 23 Course Contributors moderating the hangout discussion- Stephanie and Wayne,  and we would like to invite 5 Rudai 23 Course participants to also take part.

Unfortunately we can't invite everyone to take part, you can however watch the hangout via our YouTube channel or our blog. You will also be able to live tweet your comments during the discussion and these tweets will appear as a live stream, during the broadcast, from our website.

The hashtag for the hangout will be #R23HOA  Please make sure that you use this hashtag for your comments or questions during the hangout. 

If you would like to be one of the 5 participants for the hangout then please fill the registration form which can be accessed below. Once you register Wayne will be in contact with you to help you get set up. We will have questions prepared in advance but we plan to keep it to an informal discussion. We want your honest views on how you are finding the tasks and we are hoping it will be  a relaxed and informative session.

Regsitration for the hangout will close on Thursday the 20th of August at 11.00pm GMT. 

But Wait! 

Think carefully before you decide to register. To take part in the hangout we will require a few things from you: 

  1. You must be a registered participant of the Rudai 23 Course
  2. You must be prepared to take part in the conversation. If you feel more comfortable observing and tweeting your comments then perhaps you would be better suited to watching the broadcast through our YouTube channel .
  3. You must have a headset with a microphone and a reliable and fast broadband connection. 
  4. You must be available about 20 minutes  before the official start time of the hangout so that we can make sure that all the technical stuff is working before we begin the broadcast. 
By now you will hopefully have read Thing 10: Streaming which explains how to live stream a hangout. If you haven't read Thing 10 yet, then please do. Reading this will give you a clear idea of what we will be attempting to do on Sunday. 

If you're not able to take part in the hangout this time, don't worry. Assuming everything goes to plan and we're not too traumatised by the experience we will try another one at a later stage. 

Rudai 23 Twitter Chat

We are also pleased to announce that we will be hosting our first twitter chat on Sunday the 6th of September from 8.30 to 9.30. If you're not sure what a twitter chat is then read Thing 5: Online Networks to refresh your memory. 

There's no registration or other requirements needed to get involved in the twitter chat.  The topic that we will be covering is Advocacy and all you have to do is be ready to tweet like a ninja during the allotted time. 

We will distribute a list of the questions that we will be asking a few days in advance of the chat. This will giver everyone the opportunity to gather their thoughts on the subject so that we can have a good discussion on the day. 

The hashtag will be #R23CHAT . Please make sure that you use this hashtag during the chat so that everyone sees your tweets. 

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