Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Great Big List of Rudai 23 Blogs

We're now a third of the way through the course and I hope everyone is settling into a good routine of blogging and reading, tweeting and sharing. We have over 180 blogs registered on our course which is fantastic!

We have been compiling as you know, a list of the participant's blogs on Delicious and on our blog roll here on this website. This allows us (and you) to dip into other people's blogs when the mood takes you.

If you are serious about following a blog or two however, it can be tricky to know when there's a new post up. Some blogs can be intermittent, with two posts in a week and nothing for a month.   The best way to get around this problem is to use  a blog reader. Blog readers use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to ensure that all new blog posts are delivered to one place. When you add a blog that you like to your blog reader, every time there's a new post on that particular blog it get's delivered to your blog reader.

This method cuts out the problem of having to periodically check the blogs you like to see if there are any new developments - a bit like when you subscribed to this blog by email, but on a larger scale.

The Rudai 23 team use Feedly for this purpose and we highly recommend it. It works on IOS, Android and as a desktop web tool. You can save articles for later and also share them to your social networks. Like with other web tools, you must set up an account by using your email address or linking to an existing social network like twitter or Facebook.

I like using it on my phone because I tweet to four different twitter accounts - all library related but with very different purposes. If I read an article that I think is relevant to one of the accounts I can chose which twitter account to share it to from within the Feedly app.

To find blogs to follow you can look up topics in the Feedly or copy and paste the URL of a blog that you like into the search box. You then simply click 'add to Feedly' to add it to your blog list. You can also sort your blogs into categories.

I follow over 500 blogs but I have them sorted into categories and depending on my mood I may just look at one category. Obviously I don't read all of the blogs that I follow or I would never leave the house again. Feedly enables me to scan through the blog posts and select the ones that I'm interested in reading.

The Great Big List of Rudai 23 Blogs 

 We have been compiling a list of all of the Rudai 23 participants blogs on our Feedly account since the course began. If you're interested in following the Rudai 23 blogs you can download an OPML file of the list here.

To add it to your Feedly account simply click on the menu on the left of your screen, click 'Organise' and then click on 'import OMPL'. Then choose the file which you just downloaded.

Edit: This does not appear to work on a tablet or mobile device, you will need to access a desktop PC. 

This OPML file is also compatible with other blog readers though if you can recommend one that's better than Feedly I'd love to hear about it.

Happy Reading! 


  1. I've also been using Feely, which is great, but I have also been experimenting with Bloglovin which has a really nic android app!

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