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Breaking News: Feedback on the Feedback

Thank you to all the participants that took the time to complete our feedback form! The Rudai23 Team was very keen to know your thoughts on the course, and as well as providing very encouraging responses, you have also given us some food for thought. Read on to find out.....

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Our objectives with the feedback process were to develop a profile of the participants, to identify tasks that were popular and useful and to give the participants an opportunity to let us know about any tasks that were less popular and useful.

We asked you which element of Rudai 23 did you enjoy the most.

56% of you said that learning new technology was the most enjoyable, while a further 22% of you said that writing the blog posts about new technology was the most enjoyable part. All of your comments were very positive. For example:

“All of the above but there wasn't the option to say that - It is a fantastic, well supported, immersive course that allowed me to learn so much in such a short time. I am very grateful to everyone involved”

We asked you to comment on any elements of the course that you enjoyed the least.

We were surprised by the response to this! We were hoping a pattern might emerge that would let us know if there were any tasks that perhaps we should not have included. It turns out that the vast majority of the comments had a positive spin, such as:

“I really don't think I can say there was anything I liked the least. It was all really good.”


There was no single element of the course that had been identified by multiple participants. However, common issues did arise which were beyond the control of the Rudai 23 Team. For example, a number of you identified finding the time for the Things and/or technical difficulties as an issue.

We asked you what were your three favourite Things.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the diversity of the backgrounds of the participants, nearly every Thing got a look-in on this question. In fact, 18 out of the 23 Things got at least one mention. However, after carefully counting the votes, we can reveal that your Top 3 Most Favourite Things are:

Number 1: Thing 9 "Video"

Number 2: Dead-heat between Thing 1 and Thing 2 "Blogging"

Number 3: Augmented Reality

We asked you whether you were already using/likely to use or are not planning to use the technology Things in your work.

In all but one case, the majority of you said that you were already using or intending to use the Things in your workplace. The Rudai 23 Team was hoping that the responses would confirm that we had chosen appropriate tools to present in the course: one of our aims is to ensure that you get something useful out of the course.

Almost all of you (97%) said that you are already using/likely to use "Presentations" at work. Other technologies that scored highly on the usefulness ranking were "Infographics" (87%), "Communication through images" (84%) and "Blogging" (81%).

Interestingly, the only technology that had a slight majority ranked "Unlikely to use" (55%) was "Augmented Reality". This was ranked as Number 3 in the Favourite Things question, so it seems that while you liked Augmented Reality, maybe you do not have a clear use case for it in your workplace just now.

We asked you which networking tool you used most to connect with other participants.

Twitter (41%), commenting on blog posts (31%) and the Facebook Page (22%) were the "Big 3" networking tools that you used. The Rudai 23 Team recognised the usefulness of Twitter and made the decision to include it as one of the earlier Things on the course. It looks like you agreed with us! It is great to see the Rudai 23 hashtag is still being actively used.

We asked you about how likely you are to keep using the various networking tools presented in the course.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the response to the previous question, 93% of you said that you will keep using Twitter after the course. This was followed by Facebook Groups (83%) and LinkedIn (67%). There was a big drop off then to the two Google options presented.

Only 37% of you said that you were likely to keep using Google Hangouts, and 21% said you would use Google Plus Communities. The timing of the delivery of the Rudai 23 course coincided with an announcement by Google that it was scaling down its development of the Google Plus platform, and perhaps this had an influence on how you answered the question.

We asked you about the "Reflective Practice" Things.

The Rudai 23 Team wanted to know whether you thought the Reflective Practice posts were useful or not, and whether three was the right number of them to have. All of you said that the Reflective Practice Things were worthwhile. 90% of you said that three of them was the right amount to have.

An example of the comments that you provided for this question:

“They are definitely needed! Not just to give people the time and space to catch up but also because they made you stop and think about what you'd done.”

We asked you about your goals and motivations for completing Rudai 23.

63% of you are using the Rudai 23 Certificate for CPD purposes, linked primarily to Associate or Chartered Membership of LAI and/or CILIP. Other motivations were also reported. For example, some of you said that you did the course just for fun, while others said they wanted to do it for personal (rather than professional) development. Some of the comments you gave:

“I wanted to learn more about web 2.0 technologies for both personal and professional use and the course offered a structured interactive way of learning. I am currently doing my masters so the complimentary learning was good."

“I was coming to the end of another course that helped me upskill in certain areas of my job outside the library and was looking for something that could help update my skills in library related areas.”

“Big changes are happening with my job and I recognise the need to upskill.”

“I have never done af 23 Things course before and I became aware of this one just at the right time. I was so pleased that it was open to other than Irish participants :-) The course seemed very well organized right from the beginning and your enthusiasm about was very catching!”


We asked you for your thoughts on the quality of moderation on the course.

The Rudai 23 Team consisted of moderators, each of whom was given about 20 participants to engage with. Generally speaking, it seems like the moderators did a good job! Thanks for the feedback on that!

For example, 94% of you agreed that the moderation was of good quality and was a useful part of the learning process. 97% of you also agreed that it was good at keeping you motivated.

To balance this, 21% said that the feedback was slow to come at times. While this a minority, it still highlights an area that the Rudai 23 Team can look to improve over time. Some of the comments that you made in response to this question:

"It was great to get the feedback from the moderators especially when you weren't sure you were going in the right direction - without that feedback I wouldn't have enjoyed the course as much.”

“I always felt supported and the moderator was able to call on other colleagues to provide additional information."

“Was very motivating to see comments on my blog”

We asked you for your thoughts on the course in general.

Your responses were overwhelmingly positive: about the structure of the course, the topics, the tasks and the moderation. Examples include:

“It is a fantastic course which is run brilliantly. I have been raving about it to everyone! I am sad it is over.”


“Thank you so much. I feel as if I've broken the back of Chartership through doing the 23 things. The networking aspect was great and I've found my brain has made connections and I've found new interesting topics to learn about through various interactions, especially blogging and listening to podcasts.”


“Thank you for putting this course together - it has been really useful to me as a new professional and has helped me to introduce many tools to my workplace.”


“I loved it, and am looking forward to looking back over my blog posts to see where I can implement what I learned through the course. Thank you so much for the experience and for the brilliant learning opportunity.”


In addition to the purely positive responses, there were also a small number of posts that (while still positive) offered some advice that the Rudai 23 Team can take on board. For example:

“My thought are all positive on this. My only point I have to make would be that I feel you need to keep up to date with each Thing so that you can participate with the up coming event EG hangouts/ Twitter as they come up otherwise people miss out if they are not at that THING yet you find that they do not participate, gladly I kept up but from my co worker they I noticed they didn't. So time management and keep up to date.”


This is a great comment, as it gives us an insight into how you engaged, and we can offer this as advice to participants from the start if the course is delivered in the future.

In summary


It seems that the vast majority of you enjoyed most of the course and that you have identified Things that are useful to your workplace. For us, that is a success! We wanted to present tools that we find useful and that we thought you would too. It is great to know that you found the course both interesting and useful.

Thank you for your participation in the course and in the feedback process.

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