Saturday, 9 September 2017

Rudaí23 2017 Registration Step 2

Welcome to step 2 of the registration process for R23: 23 Things for Information Skills.

By now you should have completed step one by subscribing to our blog. If not, click here:Subscribe to R23: 23 Things for Information Skills by Email

You should also have read through and completed Thing 1 and set up your blog. Once you have that done you can complete step 2 of registration which is to click here and complete our registration form. 

In the registration form please submit the address of the blog that you plan to use when writing the Reflective Practice posts during the course.

Your blog URL is the address you type into the internet search bar to open your blog homepage. It should begin with the text https:// and end with name of whatever blog provider you used. For example

It is essential that we have your correct details if you plan to apply for the Digital Open Badges in this course.

Here is the link to our registration form in case you missed it. 

Registration will remain open for the duration of the course. 

If you plan to do one of the later sections of the course you don't have to register straight away. 

Good luck with the course, and have fun!


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