Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Rudai 23 Twitter Chat

Join us on Thursday 22 February at 7.30 pm GMT for our second twitter chat of the course. 

We had such a great response from everyone to our last twitter chat in December. Not only did we talk about everything to do with 23 Things and online learning but shared what we were doing in the real world as well. Everyone came away from the chat with something new, from tips on getting your content written to new connections and online friends. We think this one will be even better.

This time we will be discussing the topics that we covered in the Critical Thinker section of the course. You can access all five blog posts for this section on the homepage of our blog. There were lots of interesting topics covered in this part of the course and we are curious to hear your thoughts, and what has changed for you now that you've completed this section.

If you're not familiar with how a twitter chat works, take a look at our blog post that we published last December in advance of our previous chat.

We will be asking the following questions during the chat.
  1. How do you manage your passwords? 
  2. What measures do you take to secure your online privacy
  3. Do you use Wikipedia, encourage others to use it?
  4. Have you ever edited a Wikipedia page?
  5. What tool do you find most useful for bookmarking articles?
  6. How important is being able to think critically about information?
  7. Is it -- and should it be -- up to librarians to help people consider their information environment in a thoughtful way?
  8. Have you taken the plunge into sharing your work? What did you share / where / how?
  9. Is having your own information well organized overrated?
The hashtag to use during the chat is #R23Chat. 

If you are curious about our last twitter chat you can read a summary of it here: 


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