Sunday, 10 December 2017

Rudaí 23 Twitter Chat

As you may remember in Thing 10, we briefly mentioned Twitter chats and how to get involved by following groups like @rudai23 and @uklibchat.

To give everyone an opportunity to see how a Twitter chat works and also network with other course participants we will be hosting a  Twitter chat on Tuesday 19th of December from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

The topic of the chat will be "How to Get Through a 23 Things Course". This will be an opportunity to share any tips you might have for managing the workload of the course, learn how others are doing it, and chat with team moderators and module writers.

The chat will be hosted via our @rudai23 Twitter account by Siobhan McGuinness, a Twitter chat ninja and a member of the #uklibchat team.

So what do you have to do?

Set up a Twitter account.
If you don't know how to do that follow these instructions 
Follow our Twitter account  @rudai23
Write down the questions that we will be asking and write an answer for each.
Have these answers ready for the Twitter chat.


Q1: Is this your first time taking part in an online programme or MOOC? If not, what was your most recent online programme? 
Q2: What have you done to make it easier to get through each Thing?
Q3: Which tool that you have tried as part of the Rudai 23 programme has been your favourite so far?
Q4: Have you made any virtual friends, via Twitter, the FB R23 account, or by commenting on one another's blogs?
Q5: Have you been doing the programme during work or using your own time? Has work been supportive, encouraging? 
Q6: What do you think about blogging? Will you continue blogging after the course?
Q7: How do you approach writing the blog posts? Do you write them in one long stream of thought or do you structure and plan beforehand?
Q8: Have you enjoyed/not enjoyed writing reflective posts as part of the course? What has surprised you the most?
Q9: What do you think about the digital badges? Where have you shared your badge?
Q10: Is there anything you would change the next time you sign up for an online course?

On the day of the Twitter chat

#r23chat screenshot
Log into your Twitter account.
We will be live just before 7:30pm on the 19th of December.

In the search box type #r23chat.

Click on the 'Latest' tab, this will bring up the most recent tweets, as you can see from the screenshot these are the most recent tweet with the #r23chat hashtag, these are from when we did a chat when we ran the course in 2015.

Our team member Siobhan McGuinness will be hosting the Twitter chat. From 7:30pm she will post a question every 10- 15 mins, so five questions in the first hour, five questions in the second hour.

When you answer a question please make sure you include the question number and the hashtag #r23chat, for every tweet.


Q1 Is this your first Twitter chat? If not what chats have you taken part in?

Q1 No, I have taken part in uklibchat before it is very interesting. #r23chat

The easiest way to respond is by:
(a) finding the hashtag #r23chat (as explained, above)
(b) click on the tweet function in the top right-hand corner.
(c) create your response and tweet

You can follow Siobhan on Twitter now @shivguinn and if you have any questions regarding how to set up an account or Twitter chats, do contact her or email the team at 

You can log in and take part at any time, you can take part for a half hour or an hour, whatever suits your time and level of interest.

The aim of the Twitter chat is for the team to show you a way of becoming an online networker, which is the badge we just wrapped up. We also would love to see all the participants engage with each other because supporting each other is crucial when completing online courses.

At the end of the Twitter chat, we will be creating a Storify and will be posting it on our website and Twitter account, so if you do miss the chat, you can go back and read the many tweets from your fellow participants, the team and some feature writers.

See you all on the 19th Dec on Twitter for @rudai23 first #r23chat in 2017. 


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