Friday 4 August 2017

Earn your first digital badge on the new Rudaí23 free online course

More than half of the world’s population are ‘visual learners’. This means that you can get your message across to these people more effectively by using some type of ‘visual’ in your blog post, web page, poster or social media post. Evidence from social media platforms tells us that posts with visual or multimedia content engage more users than ‘plain old text’ so the modules in this section of Rudaí 23 are designed to give you the skills to be a competent visual

There are many elements of visual design that you need to be aware of and start to consider when preparing content for the internet. The font and colour you choose and a well-proportioned layout incorporating some white space are the basic building blocks of visual content for the web. Over the next few weeks the modules for the Visual Communicator badge will introduce you to copyright free image sources online, ensuring that you have access to free-to-use photos and images for your blog or poster. Once you’ve completed the compulsory Image Banks module in mid September you then choose which of the two routes to certification most appeals to you to achieve the Visual Communicator badge.  Option 1 introduces tools that are popular in the creation of digital posters and short videos that can be used in teaching or promotional work. Option 2 covers a very exciting opportunity to create your own online exhibition using free blogging tools, or learn a little about the Omeka platform if you want to take it a little further. Digital exhibitions are not solely a visual medium, you can incorporate audio and audio-visual material to tell your story and even simple online exhibitions, of a just few pages, can be very effective.
When you complete Option 1 or 2 below and demonstrated that you have engaged with the learning material in the Visual Communicator section of Rudaí23 you will be entitled to apply for your first digital badge of the course:

Option 1:

Thing 3: Image-banks e.g. Flickr, Pixabay Sept 16th 2017
Thing 4: Communicating Visually Using Photfunia, gyphy, 
RIPL, Google Photos Sept 23rd 2017
Thing 5: Presentations Using Powtoon and screencasting tools Sept 30th 2017
Thing 6: Reflective Practice Write about Things 3, 4 & 5 Sept 30th 2017


Option 2:

Thing 3: Image-banks e.g. Flickr, Pixabay Sept 16th 2017
Thing 7: Online Exhibitions Aurasma, Layar, Omeka Oct 7th 2017
Thing 8: Infographs Using Canva/Piktochart Oct 14th 2017
Thing 9: Reflective Practice Write about Things 3, 7 & 8 Oct 14th 2017

Good luck with the Visual Communicator modules in September and October. We look forward to learning with you.


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