Friday 18 August 2017

Earn your third digital badge on the new Rudaí 23 online course

Internet map, The Opte Project / Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY 2.5 
Welcome to the third installment in our series introducing our Rudai 23 digital badges, focusing on our Critical Thinking Badge. You can read about Badge 1 (Visual Communicator) here, and Badge 2 (Online Networker) here

The popularization of the internet, now in its third decade, has put the ability to produce and circulate information into the hands of pretty much anyone. This has upsides, of course, including the ability to share one’s intellectual or creative work and to have access to a huge diversity of information sources. Yet the downsides include those expressed most recently in the cultural shorthand of ‘fake news’ – information of any quality, including outright, misleading falsehoods, now circulates with dizzying speed and to potentially devastating impact. 

As stewards of information, information professionals are subject to a special imperative to be able to think critically about the information universe overall as well as their own digital ecologies. This badge will require contemplation and engagement with tools to help with four distinct aspects of critical thinking as it pertains to information. We’ll start with a lesson touching on the legal side of one’s digital presence, including the ins and outs of Creative Commons digital licensing. We’ll then take a fresh look at Wikipedia, considering it as a potential tool to sharpen one’s information evaluation skills. Thing 16 will involve taking a look through tools that can help manage your personal information – and therefore, your time – to help with your efficiency as an information worker. These will include apps like Flipchart and Evernote. Finally, in Thing 17, we’ll look at tools you can use to help share your work if your critical thought about information extends to a presentation or piece of writing about your insights that ought to be shared with others, so tools like SlideShare and ResearchGate. 

Along with a snazzy, Library Association of Ireland-accredited digital badge, after completing this suite of Things, you’ll have sharpened your critical senses when it comes to information. You’ll be that much better at navigating the hot mess of the 21st century digital environment, and better able to help others to do so, too. 

Thing 14: Your Digital Footprint, eg. Creative Commons, 02/12/2017 
Thing 15: Evaluating Information, eg. Wikipedia, Wikibrarian, 09/12/2017 
Thing 16: Personal Data Management eg. Flipchart, Evernote, 16/12/2017 
Thing 17: Sharing Your Work, eg. SlideShare, ResearchGate, 23/12/2017 
Thing 18: Reflective Practice, 23/12/2017

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