Thursday 24 August 2017

Earn your fourth digital badge on the new Rudaí 23 online course

No man is an island according to John Donne, and this is certainly true when it comes to the information professional. We are a vibrant, collaborative and involved community, always willing to share our knowledge with each other. In order to tap into that knowledge bank, we need to be an ‘Engaged Professional’, so titles our fourth digital open badge. Read about our first open badge Visual Communicator here, our second badge Online Networker here and our third Critical Thinker one here. Our final badge ‘CPD Champion’ is a special reward you can apply for if you complete the previous four.

The Engaged Professional badge comprises four Things; Thing 19 Podcasts, Thing 20 Advocacy and Engagement, Thing 21 Professional Organisations, and Thing 22, our final Reflective Practice. This set of Things is designed to help you reflect on the profession as a whole and the part you play in it.

The beauty of Podcasts is that they suit the multitasking librarian. They are digital audio files delivered through the internet, similar to a radio show.  While walking your dog or stacking the library shelves you can catch up on professional subjects and current activities in any field. A great Irish podcast is Librarians Aloud, especially episode three which details our first run of Rudaí 23 in 2015. In Thing 19, as well as curating a list of worthy Podcasts, you will discover the tools and ability to create your own.

Now is the most important time in our history to advocate. In this digital era, we have seen a tendency to disregard the library and its staff, falsely assuming everything is available online, or everything online is authoritative and all encompassing. We have been introduced to Open Libraries, debilitating budget cuts, library closures and the like. It’s important that the public knows the role the information professional plays and how essential it is. Unless we advocate for our libraries, and rally those around us to do the same, they will no longer exist. We also need to advocate for ourselves. Thing 20 will help you ensure that your value and worth are appreciated in your organisation and your position flourishes.

Save our libraries campaign
Information professionals have learned by now that it is our collective voice that has the largest impact. It is crucial that we are part of a professional organisation. Being so will keep you informed, give you an opportunity to network with likeminded colleagues, provide a forum to exchange ideas and a platform to boost your career through CPD activities. It is through our immersion in the Western Regional Section of the Library Association ofIreland that we created Rudaí 23. Thing 21 will introduce you to some of the main professional bodies you should be aware of, such as the Library Association of Ireland, and hopefully lead you on the path to further learning opportunities and library joy. Eligibility to apply for this LAI certified digital open badge requires you to complete a Reflective Practice with Thing 22, your penultimate module.

Thing 19: Podcasts  January 6th 2018
Thing 20: Advocacy & Engagement  January 13th 2018
Thing 21: Professional Organisations  January 20th 2018
Thing 22: Reflective Practice Write January 20th 2018

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